The newest of Ultra-Low Carb Beer ‘Say Play Cold IPA’ hits the shelves!

Meet a new spin on the modern IPA we all know and love. Fermented at lower temperatures, our Say Play Cold IPA remixes lager yeast with a showcase of West Coast hops like Citra and Mosaic. The result? A crisper, cleaner beer with the crushability of a lager.

Pouring a bright golden color, Say Play Cold IPA packs hoppy character and the body of a lager – with waves of tropical, citrusy fruit notes and delicate hints of berries ending in a clean, dry finish.

We brewed Say Play to achieve an ultra-low carb count with fewer calories making this beer perfect for worry-free enjoyment anytime you want to chill.

Style:    Cold IPA
ABV:     4%
IBU:      25
CARB:  2.5g
KCAL:   90
Taste note: Wave of tropical, citrusy fruit note, delicate hint of berries ending in a clean, dry finishAvailable in Bottle / Draught