We started working on this small brewpub project back in 2007, and to our surprise, it took a lot more time than we anticipated. Eventually we were ready to open Full Moon Brewworks in November 2010. Since then, we have become one of those few people who are seriously into an artisan beer brewing here in Phuket and probably in Thailand. Over the years, our little beer journey has become more interesting and we feel quite fortunate to have received recognition and awards for our beers from worldwide competitions. However, those moments couldn’t have happened without help from our beer friends from around the world visiting, and we thank them for the hours spent sharing their unique opinions here at the brewery.
Our beer making approach is to produce unique and flavorful beer for fun-loving people visiting our beautiful island. We bring limitless possibilities of exceptional flavors and aroma through the combination of traditional beer-making concept, modern craft beer techniques, and local wisdom. We want everyone to enjoy the time they spend here in Phuket and get to taste the craft beer that is not only produced with high quality ingredients but also infused with local way of life and imagination.